We are just passing through

The world needs to know. Good-hearted Ale is therefore translating some Art for you to digest. This is a song by Franco Battiato, a genius Italian singer-songwriter that his followers call “Master” (like Jesus, yes). He wrote many songs with his friend and philosopher Manlio Sgalambro, that passed away in 2014 and that we all miss immensely. Enough. Here is the original song:

English lyrics:

(Ancient Greek) « Ταὐτὸ τ΄ἔνι ζῶν καὶτεθνηκὸς καὶ ἐγρηγορὸςκαὶ καθεῦδον καὶ νέονκαὶ γηραιόν· τάδε γὰρμεταπεσόντα ἐκεινά ἐστικἀκεῖνα πάλιν [μεταπεσόντα] ταῦτα. » (Heraclitus, Fragments)

“It is the same reality, the alive and the dead, the awaken and the sleeping, the young and the old: these in fact transforming become those, and those again [transforming] are these”

Years go by, so do trains, mice through the sewers,
radio hits, and illusions, and storks.
Youth passes, no need to brag about it:
you know everything changes, nothing can ever stop doing so.
Kingdoms change, so do seasons,
Presidents, religions and pop stars’ cries…

Meanwhile passes, unnoticed, the real meaning of life.
We change love, ideas, moods, we,
that are just passing through.

Information, orgasms, transportation systems,
diametrical limitations, seven hundred twenty houses.
Truth blows, in the Book of Formation.
Food passes, so do desires, Saints, dissatisfactions.
You can’t step twice in the same river,
you can’t foreseen the evolution of habits.

Meanwhile passes, unnoticed, the real meaning of life.
They change our hair, teeth, breasts, to us
that are just passing through.

(Ancient Greek) « Εἴπας ‘Ἥλιε χαῖρε’ Κλεόμβροτος Ὡμβρακιώτης ἥλατ΄ἀφ΄ὑψηλοῦ τείχεος εἰς Ἀίδην, ἄξιον οὐδὲν ἰδὼν θανάτου κακόν, ἀλλὰ Πλάτωνος» (from Callimachus, Epigrams)

“And by saying “Farewell, Sun!” Cleombrotus of Ambracia from high walls jumped into Hades: nothing evil had happened to him, that would deserve death; only, he had read a manuscript, the one from Plato about the soul”

And Spotify does not have this song. Spotify may as well not exist, THEN!


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