Who is the enemy of Islamism?

Because I’m hearing too much of this lately, let me say it out loud for those that still ignore it:
The enemy of Islamism (which is different from Islam) is not Christianity, is SECULARISM.

And yes you can’t identify Islam and Islamism, the same way as you can’t identify Christianity and Nazism. They are political movements that use God as an excuse, simply cause God it’s a very easy one to use to mobilize desperate people.

And the ONLY reason why historically Christian countries are now so “open” and “liberal” is because they were continuously challenged by rationalist or anti-Christian movements, such as Greek Philosophy and The Enlightenment to quote a few.

I’m OVERsimplifying of course. But I don’t want to be hearing anymore that the problem is Islam, and that Christianity would be better. Same treatment of women, same violence in both Bible and Qumran, if they could (and they did!, when it was still possible and secularism wasn’t that advanced yet), Christians and Catholic would welcome a totalitarian take of society.

Religions (all of them, but monotheist ones in particular) are all the same in one thing: they are better when they are limited and challenged by critical thinking.


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