Fuck You and Teenage Anger translated

I just happen to like the lyrics of this extremely childish song.

And since there’s no English version on the web yet, here you go, English speaking world, in perfect haters style.

Singer-Songwriter: Marco Masini
Song Title: Fuck you


Looking at myself in the mirror
Time has passed by
I’m a bit richer
A bit more evil, a bit more aged
It’s the painful admission
Of a successful singer
And maybe it’s the last chance of being myself

When I abandoned my studies
To live on illusions
I’ve disappointed
Parents and relatives
I was one of those sons
Teenage dreamers
That won’t take advices
Only muttering
Fuck you, Fuck you

But music is evil
It’s a snakes’ den
For one that can make it
You can’t count the failures
And those people would tell me
Those who knew about music
You look like a loser
I’m sorry, you won’t work
Masini, Fuck you
Fuck you, Fuck you

It doesn’t matter the tears and the pain
Life does everything by itself
In music I just found
How needed is love everywhere
Who knows where’s the truth
In a world of liars
You can’t sing the black of rage
Being a billionaire

We all are opportunstic
Who dress up as rebels
We are wolves that get interviewed
And boys are lambs
Telling you about the pain
In innocent letters
Their religion
Is to believe in singers
You’ll find them one day
Their photo on the newspaper
As their last showcase
Just to tell the world for the last time
Fuck you, Fuck you

I resign from faking poetry
From being the prophet of this Fan’s Club
I don’t want to teach you how to live
Cause everyone as to learn it by himself

I’ll leave among catcalls
I will help you to get rid of myself
To get rid of that crazy men that screams in his songs
About the need of love around us
Enough now, I feel sick
It’s not fair, Fuck you
Fuck you, Fuck you

In the mirror tonite
I saw someone else’s face
It’s my most autenthic soul
Behind the mask I wear
Finally I want to tell you
In despair
Dear my worse enemy
Disguised as holy man
Fuck you, Fuck you
Fuck you, Fuck you


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