Get Married and Be Submissive

You must submit to him. When you have to choose between what he likes and what you like, choose in his favor…when your husband tells you something, you should listen as if it were God speaking (source)

OR: how to sell the oldest idea on earth (women’s natural role is to support and serve the male, whose role is to project himself in society while the female takes care of the inside: her womb, her house) as fresh air. Of course the way Costanza Miriano is putting it it’s definitely more fashionable than, I don’t know, the way Muslim extremists would put it. She is a journalist, not an old male priest. So it’s definitely more marketable. But the concept is the same. Here again:

Men should embody guidance, rules, authority. Women should abandon the rhetoric of emancipation and joyfully embrace their role as attendants and caregivers (original quote here)

I am lucky enough to know several Catholics and to have been one myself to know that Costanza is not alone. Many support her. For example the Italian guy in the bus who complained women can’t be beaten anymore .. Oh no, this guy must not be a product of the Italian-Catholic culture Costanza is referring to. I’m sure he is not.

Why do people buy her book. Cause since society exists, it’s a balancing game between freedom and security. This does not only works for the institutional framework of a society. It does not only work for Mafia, regimes, fundamentalist regimes, religious sects. It works for each person, individually.

You only have to give someone else the responsibility to choose what you should do. In exchange for that, you’ll receive the so desired inner-peace. You’ll be in God’s Grace (which in my regional dialect is an expression for “happiness”). How painful is to find your own way and your own answer to the question “why am I in this world? what is life for?”. Instead, someone else can think that for you. Peaceful. Every pain, every difficulty in your day will have a reason. Something goes wrong? Offer it to God. You know that’s the way. Only one condition: don’t ask. Don’t pose too many questions to yourself, some of them are forbidden. Have faith. Be humble. Be submissive. Be stupid.

Few hundreds years ago Immanuel Kant referred to enlightenment as “the human being’s emergence from his self-incurred minority”. I really don’t understand why, society, climate, technology evolved. And we are still stuck there.

About Costanza Mariano

Costanza is married and mother of four children. We are glad to know they will be educated in a Catholic environment that will stimulate their own personality, freedom, critical mind and tolerance towards everyone that will share their religious views on morals. She works for one of the best public televisions in the world (the Italian RAI) and as a freelancers with many newspapers about Catholic sexuophobic morals family, education, love relationships.

She wrote two books, Sposati e sii sottomessa a Sposala e muori per lei (something like Get married and be submissive, and Get married and die for her) wich (sorry real journalists type it like this) have sold about 70.000 copies in Italy (it is a very good number for Italian standards) and have been translated in many languages: Spanish, French, Portoguese, Polish,Slovenian, by now. They have been printed sixteen times. The first one had a very good review on the first page of L’Osservatore Romano (the Holy See Official Newspaper).

We can’t wait for an English edition.


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